My dads classic!

If you feel like an easy meal don’t just grab something out of the freezer instead make mushroom spaghetti. It’s my dads own made up recipe and it may look a bit plain but it is delicious! Here is how to make it, boil spaghetti adding some olive oil and salt and keep aside. Then saute 500g of mixed forest mushrooms in shallots, garlic and mixed herbs. Add salt and cookuntil the mushrooms start to leave water. Lastly stir in the spaghetti and serve with some grated cheese. So try this recipe it hardly takes any time!

Enjoy Cooking!

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada is a tasty snack made with boiled potatoes, peanuts and sabudana . It’s  a great way to explore some new flavours as made with fresh ingredients  Sabudana Vada is commonly eaten when people are fasting as it is one of the few foods they can eat. Tastes mind blowing accompanied with coriander mint chutney or ketchup.img_1298

Sabudana ki Khichdi

Here’s a healthy but simple lunch.   Sabudana ki Khichdi is a mix of sabudana, peanuts and potatoes. It is a common meal made in our household and I love it as a snack or even for meals .Sabudana ki Khichdi is my absolute fav! It tastes superb served with coriander chutney. Coriander chutney can be put on bread and can also be mixed with other meals.

Happy New Year Everyone!


My first blog!

My name is Naina and I’m 8 years old. This is my first ever blog. I started a blog because I love eating my mums food and I also think children should eat a healthier and varied diet. Last night my mum cooked Jeera Aloo (spiced baby potatoes) my absolute favourite! It tastes amazing served with Roti (Indian bread).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!